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What is the W² Partner Network?

Why join the W² Partner Network?

To Address Customer Needs - Our deep understanding of our customers operational challenges means no one is better placed to respond the changing needs of the businesses that dominate our economy. We are seeking partners to co-create the very best

What can we offer?

The network of partner companies will work together to combine the very latest technology, expertise and knowledge to provide best in class solutions for customers.
A structured process will first guide partners through a technology appraisal process, proof of concept development and customer trials if needed. We will then support partners in the go to market phase before engaging in long term commercial planning.
With joint PR opportunities, a calendar of events to participate in and a range of partner resources the W² Partner Network will offer networking, learning and commercial opportunities for all.
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Some of our partners

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customer solutions. This could be anything from, end to end eFulfilment technology, tools to support collaboration or insight to improve the customer delivery experience and much more.

To Support Wincanton Operations - In addition, we also seek partners who can offer us the very best tools and solutions to make our own infrastructure and operations the most capable of supporting the digitised supply chain. From implementing automated solutions, harnessing the latest innovations in robotics or drone technology to improve inventory management and a range of other exciting innovations, the possibilities are vast.

We are creating a network of companies working together combining the very latest technology, expertise and knowledge to provide best in class solutions for customers.

As outlined in our Guide to the Digitised Supply Chain, we'll bring together pioneers in the fields of AI, blockchain and IoT, along with technologies that drive vehicle innovation, impact how businesses collaborate, exploit big data, and lead the way in automation and robotics.

The W² Partner Network will provide networking, learning and commercial opportunities for all.

The W² Partner Network is made up of selected partners offering the latest innovative technologies that will impact the evolution of the supply chain in the near future, the next 24 months and beyond.

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